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Do I need an RSA Certificate to work in Melbourne?

Employers in Victoria will require an accredited RSA course Melbourne certificate as a pre requisite for employment. Book now and receive your RSA certificate on the day.

The RSA course covers:

  • Legal requirements of the sale and service of alcohol;
  • Harm minimisation and duty of care;
  • Anticipating problems and managing patrons;
  • Assess and monitor the levels of intoxication of patrons;
  • Advise patrons on standard drinks and the effects of alcohol;

RSA Course duration:

Do I need a Licensees' First Step certificate to operate a Liquor License in Melbourne?

Licensees’ First Step is a training course for licensees and nominees building new operations or transferring existing licences within Victoria. The Director of Liquor Licensing in Victoria requires that new Licensees and Nominees complete Licensees’ First Step before granting a liquor license.

Most new liquor licence applicants will be required to complete the full day course at a total cost of $150.00. 

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